Selling your first home in Southwest Texas?

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Your first home is the first of many things. Maybe you raised your first child in that home or started your first business out of the garage. You made many memories in your first home, but now it’s time to sell and plant your roots in a new home.

Remember, you’re not selling your memories; you’re selling your property.

With over 30 years of experience helping clients buy and sell their first homes, LaDonna Parker provides her clients with the in-depth knowledge needed to make decisions based on facts rather than emotions when selling their first homes.

She prepares each client on what to expect and consider, whether that be the occasional low offer, inspection, or contingencies, while also clearly communicating the costs involved along the way.
It’s safe to say you might not know how much your home is worth, which is why having a trusted and experienced advisor like LaDonna is key to maximizing profit potential.

With her compassion, competency, and knowledge of the market, LaDonna will help you sell your first home for top dollar and in less time – Give her a call today and ask about the first-time seller discount!

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