Your Real Estate Partner For Life

Step 1: Consultation

Much like a doctor or CPA, we like to start every relationship with a consultation. Therefore, it’s extremely important to allow you to introduce yourself and share your needs and concerns with us. We aim to get a better understanding of your goals first by asking comprehensive questions. Likewise, we educate and empower you to understand the real estate market of the moment. This fact-finding process will ensure we focus on your priorities during the transaction process.

Step 2: Home Tours

Now that we have determined what is important to you and your family, it’s time to shop for homes! First, we will scour the market using your unique criteria to find homes that will check all the boxes. Then, whether you live in town or out of town, we’ll arrange for you to visit the homes you’ve selected, either virtually or in person, to determine the best fit for you.

Step 3: Making an Offer

Once you’ve narrowed down your list and have a clear favorite, we will walk you through the intricacies of making an offer on a home. We value honesty and transparency during our time together and will be clear about setting realistic expectations. We will also be your most prominent advocate, constantly fighting on your behalf to win the home of your dreams.

Step 4: Execute Contract

The crucial period between an offer and a final contract is a critical time. Therefore, we advise and guide you every step of the way to make sure you feel empowered and equipped with all the market data and information needed to make intelligent decisions based on facts rather than emotions.

Step 5: Schedule Home Inspection

Once we have solidified your bid for the home and your offer is accepted, we will schedule your home inspection with one of our many vetted and available inspectors. In addition, we will work on obtaining a home warranty to protect your new property.

Step 6: Close

We have finally made it to closing day, and you will sign with confidence after your final walk-through! We will provide you with a list of trusted title companies to choose from for your title search. We will then work on making sure your valuables are packed, a moving company is hired, and utilities are being switched over to your new pad. Now it’s time to get to know your beautiful new neighborhood and community!


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