Seller Guide

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Step 1: Consultation

Much like a doctor or CPA, we like to start every relationship with a consultation. Therefore, it’s essential to allow you to introduce yourself and share your needs and concerns with us. We aim to better understand your goals first by asking comprehensive questions. This fact-finding process will ensure we get everything exactly right during the transaction process.

Step 2: Valuation of Your Asset

Knowing the range of value of your asset is critical when setting your price. We provide you with current market data and influencers to make the best decisions.

Step 3: Prepare for Showings

Selling a home takes time, extensive knowledge of the market, and expert negotiating skills; for this reason, we make an extensive and practical plan to ensure your home sells quicker and for more money than the average. We start by evaluating the current state of your home to see if it needs any quick fixes. Then, we can advise on how to prep your house and showcase the best and most impressive features. We will then deploy our proven marketing methods and techniques to guarantee that the right eyes set their sights on your property.

Step 4: Review Offers

Congratulations – You received an offer or multiple offers on your home! We will thoroughly evaluate that offer together and then review all options before deciding how to respond.

Step 5: Prepare for Inspection

After the offer is made and both you and the buyer go into a purchase agreement, most buyers request a home inspection. While a home inspector will dig more deeply into your home than a buyer, our preparations before your first showing will help the assessment go smoothly. Then, expect the second point of negotiation.

Step 6: Prepare for Appraisal

As we near the end of your home sale journey, we will need to pass one more test: an appraisal. We will help you gather materials and prepare for the appraiser’s visit.

Step 7: Close

It’s closing day, you will sign with confidence, and your transaction is officially complete! We will have you sign quite a few papers, including signing the deed to the property over to the buyers. Once the paperwork is completed and the funds disbursed, the buyer is now the new homeowner, and we are moving you into your next dream property!

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With over 30 years of experience helping clients buy and sell their first homes, LaDonna Parker provides her clients with the in-depth knowledge needed to make decisions based on facts rather than emotions when selling their homes.